where is vector in the online reference?

in the online reference (link at the top of the page) there is nothing on vectors- is there another online reference with up to date info or is this just a mistake?

@Coder the online reference is not up to date.

Just wondering, I know gravity is a vector (like in the example project), but are vec2() vec3() and vec4() called vectors?

yes-they are 2dimensional, 3dimensional & 4dimensional vectors

@Coder - have a look at the reference stuff built into Codea itself

Please make sure to search the forums before you ask this stuff. I already reported the issue months ago. Thank you.
@JakAttak - The vector objects have been here since the beginning, right?

@Zoyt Vectors show in the built in manual on my iPad 1 which is version 1.5 of Codea. So they’ve been around awhile.

@Zoyt, yes. I guess the point I was trying to make is that the online reference is not very reliable compared to the built in one.

@JakAttak - A few months ago, I did make a commit to the repository on GitHub to add the docs. (I might have just filed a bug report on GitHub and the bug tracker, I don’t remember.) Anyways, @Simeon - You might try fixing this if it’s worth it. I use to use it all the time when I was developing with Xcode.

Depending on how the in-app and website references are setup, it could be as simple as copying the files over to the website. If not, I still doubt it would take much work.

@JakAttak - https://github.com/TwoLivesLeft/Codea-Documentation
The file’s there, just not linked.

@Zoyt, thanks for the link!

@Simeon - Quick fix: Just add a link to here. The reference is there, just not linked.