Where in the world are we?

Quick question, Which country are we all in?

Ill Start:

Im from Ghana, i now live in Australia in Sydney

.@Simeon Is there any way to add a home country to our preferences page. I’ve been curious as to where everyone is from also. I see a lot of activity on the forum when I look in the morning, so I figure a lot of people live east of me. I’m from Ohio, USA. @Dalorbi, you’re almost on the other side of the Earth from me.


UK here. Anybody up to setting up an interactive map with the numbers on.



Perth, Australia, hot hot hot

Grenoble, France

Norway… up north … cold all the time

London, England, Home of the Queen… :smiley:

Montréal, Canada. Not so cold here :wink:

Hi all,

Bangkok, Thailand. It’s very hot here.

Johannesburg, South Africa :smiley:

Seattle, Washington, USA

Norrköping, Sweden. Snow and time to take the train to work.

You mean code an interactive map in Codea for it, right? :slight_smile:

.@warox hvilken by i Norge? Vanligvis sitter jeg i Trondheim. ( Men dette året er jeg i Storbritannia)

Marche-en-Famenne, BELGIUM

The Shire, Sydney, Australia, 3rd planet from the Sun, The Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Cluster, The Universe.

We seem to be scattered across the ends of the earth. I think an interactive map is a great idea.

Hi @Reefwing,

Thought the Shire was in Middle Earth?

Nah - it’s not in Oz it’s in New Zealand (every few years while they make the films).

Hi@tnlogy - yeah an interactive map. Could do that with Excel or Powerpoint but will have to check to see what we can do in Codea.



Rhoon (south of Rotterdam), The Netherlands

.@Bri_G - Sutherland Shire = the only true Shire, although you UK folk and our Kiwi friends may disagree. :slight_smile:

We have lots of shires here @Reefwing - York-shire, Lanca-shire, Leicester-shire… :-p