Whats next?

With version 1.4 coming out soon and the recent release of the Codea Runtime for iOS, I got to wondering what will we be seeing next from this great app. Codea seems to be moving away from being that prototyping app we’ve grown to love to a solid framework for iOS development.

I don’t know if moving to focusing on iOS development is TLL’s goal, but I was wondering what everyone else thought. While I’ve been doing all the work preparing my app for release, I ran across a few things that would be nice to be able to do if Apple would allow it. Things like being able to do push notifications, pull in microphone audio, retrieve GPS data, should be possible, but again, depends on Apple’s willingness to give us access.

What do you guys think?

Thanks again, TLL, for the wonderful App! Codea has become practically the only thing I use my iPad for now!

Good thread @Deamos! I think you’re spot on with your observation regarding it becoming a fully fledged development environment for iOS.

I’d certainly like to see the ability to incorporate standard iOS GUI widgets - this would then allow us to make ‘general’ apps that adheer to Apples UI style guidelines for the iPad.

The only other route apart from Codea to do more 3D graphics oriented app development seems to be Unity (which is a beast!) - although, this is prohibitively expensive for most people (for iOS version) with a steep learning curve. It would be great to see Codea approach its level of sophistication eventually - although I guess this is way down the track.

I also pretty much use Codea on the iPad these days exclusively. :slight_smile: