What??? What??? Mac Codea??

@CodeaCommits: “Runtime - JohnTLL - Very basic rendering commands working on mac.”
Is this for real??

@John has been making some progress on porting the runtime to Mac. Experimental at the moment.

@Simeon is there any chance of it going to windows if the experiment is sucessful? :slight_smile:

At one time I would have loved that but I now hate using a desktop. My ipad is my goto since Codea :slight_smile: I would love an iphone app! With aircode it would be huge and great for testing!

Personally, I would love to see it running on desktop, be it Windows or Mac.

Programming on the iPad is just a little constraining, and even a small fully-realized project can end up with dozens of source files. I think I ended up with around 30 source files for my vector drawing program, and it was a college final project that was never intended to see commercial release.

Codea definitely needs a better project and source management system if it’s going to be a serious programming tool. The first step in that direction would be making it easier to use Codea inside of XCode. Then we can at least use Git or SVN for version control.

I would second @tomxp411 about file management. Having my 400 projects all-in-one-folder is really painful…
And we cant tweek that ouselfves (with io.* ) because we 1/ cant create a subfolder 2/ cant create a new project… (with io.*)! If these 2 limits were removed, i would create a folder system myself for my own use.

+1 for better project management !!!

That is the reason for having a native Mac app of Codea - the advantages are obvious: to have more space and better overview of your project / project management. And also sometimes it is more comfortable and it would (maybe one day) be portable, so you could export your app to Mac and iOS?!:… possibilities are endless. only time is limited…

Any possibility of alpha/beta testing this?

I’d also like to point out that I think LuaJIT could probably be used on the desktop…which would yield massive performance gains.

I’d buy a mac for this

Also fwiw…I think it’s getting Codea running on the Mac would make TLL a good bit of money. On Windows or Linux? They might just get rich.

Personally, I do not think Codea on Mac would become the next big IDE without some super major features (like the ability to shoot lasers out your eyes). There are plenty of IDEs and programming languages out there, many Lua ones too. I have not gone into depth with these, but they seem pretty complete. The one thing they all have in common is a huge price tag. Codea for Mac could bring about a new era of new programmers wanting to program but finding the big bad world of semi-colons and curly braces too intimidating. (Hopefully) Codea for Mac would be pretty cheap, maybe the same price as good ol’ Codea.
If this does become a reality I would like:

  1. iCloud syncing (between iPads, between Macs, and between iPad and Mac)
  2. Interactive scripting:
    Once upon a time, in a forum post long ago, a link was posted to a talk on programming with live updating. I cannot recall the exact post, but the host could scrub back and forth between frames, updating and changing variables as he worked, seeing live changes (sorta like Air Code). Think a code editor on the left and a viewer on the right.
  3. Not too much variance:
    I think you should be able to copy and paste code straight from your iPad to your Mac without any hassles, and vice-versa. The function sets should be pretty much identical. I don’t know how you would handle touched events with programs that deal with multi-touch, but something similar would be great!
  4. Completely ignoring my previous suggestion… Advanced developer features:
    Isn’t one of the biggest struggles with Codea the fact that Apple are stingy with IDEs on iPad? They don’t seem to have this problem with Mac! Code Sharing (+iCloud), Sockets, yadda yadda.
  5. iPad/iPhone Simulators:
    The ability to mess with the screen dimensions to test for Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

You guys are great. Keep up the great work!

I would love to try it out! Been missing it when coding 3d on desktop. Would. want to integrate it with the Oculus SDK :slight_smile:

Agree with @Jordan here. Codea is really great on iPad (or iOS devices FWIW). Its UI and UX are superb for touch devices. I first thought it would be awesome if Codea goes to desktop (or at least on Mac) as well. However, my second thought was different. There are already many IDEs for Mac. Even the Processing for Mac app is good enough. XCode is great for serious programming on Apple platforms (both on OS X and iOS, even web). And IMHO, I don’t think Codea’s UI/UX will be appropriate for non-touch devices.

I think TLL should stay their focus on Codea on iOS. It’s better to work on Codea for iPhone rather than Codea for Mac. And please… keep the work on many of the features they have promised us. :slight_smile:

@bee you don’t have to worry about us neglecting Codea on iPad. It’s getting some huge improvements for iOS 7 and great new features.

Quick concept: Turn a native Mac IDE into a replacement to Air Code along with a fully featured standalone IDE. Something like what Coda did.

The main focus with this at the moment is just to get the runtime working on Mac, which would be a good way to let people release their creations on both platforms. I’ve managed to get @Ruilov’s Pacman project working with mouse controls without modifying his code at all and it looks and runs identically to the original.

@John - That’s amazing. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m just proposing ideas for the distant future or if you decide to expand your team. Thanks! Can’t wait to see it.

@Jordan - Please, could you retrieve the post you talk about interactive scripting, I work on similar project and interesting to know about similar things.

An inexpensive IDE that promotes experimentation is always welcome on any platform. Take it from someone whose first PC program was written in Turbo Pascal.