What others do : Drigend? Thoughts?

Following on from numerous ‘what other dev tools are on the iPad that are like Codea’ threads over the past few years - its interesting to have a look at another potential ‘contender’ - Drigend.


As usual when you dig a bit deeper, all is not as the blurb suggests - ‘build and run your apps on the go’ , ‘fully fledged development environment for iOS’ etc…

All it really appears to be is a method of coding in Objective-C/Swift on the iPad, remotely uploading to Dropbox and getting the Mac to do the heavy lifting/compiling remotely and then uploading the complied App back to the iPad semi-automatically.

Not really in my book a fully fledged iOS development environment for the iPad as it suggests, rather a nice efficient pipeline to make things easier should you chose to code on the go and dont want the pain of carting your Mac around and fiddling about with Xcode and uploading the app back to your target device manually.

Obviously, you still need a Apple Developer account to do this, but it occurs to me that this would be a nice feature for Codea in the future. A simple compilation ‘round-trip’ to allow us to easily compile and test on our development device.

@Simeon - is this something that would be pain to do? Would be interested to see if others would find this useful?

I think I saw this app mentioned on the forums before… It would make a nice feature for Codea, especially now that export includes addons like the Game Center one.

It wouldn’t be too difficult.

In fact, I wonder if it could actually be built within Codea — using http.request and openURL.

Most of the work would be in writing the Mac OS X scripts or app to automate the build process remotely and host the generated IPA (not that tricky, just make something that uses xcodebuild on the command line).