What is a "visual programming language"?

Simeon has remarked that Codea is a “visual programming language”? Does that mean that it will be developed for only twitch games? No support planned for more sophisticated games such as an RPG or sim?

I think he means it’s aimed (or was originally) at programming visuals, like processing - this as opposed to, say, heavy number crunching or perhaps network services.

I don’t see any reason those other sorts of games couldn’t be done. We could use a good RPG. :slight_smile:

Visual programming is good. Non visual programming would be like a text editor with no highlighting, no sprite pack/font/color chooser, no extra keys above the keyboard, ban, horrible, and non-beginner friendly. This is why I love Codea: It’s awesomeness of it’s editor.

Should have said “physics-intensive” rather than “twitch.”

So - no. Absolutely nothing stopping you from making an RPG, or a turn-based game, or whatever. I am waiting, optimistically, for some sort of network connectivity so I can make my turn-based masterpiece. (for a blast from the 90’s, http://www.webring.org/hub/vgap )

In my opinion, a RPG game in Codea is fairly easy. I might just make an example one. Many people expressed intrest in making one.

I wouldn’t say that at all.

I’m working on a traditional, rogue-like RPG at the moment. “You have found a adamantine sword of precision!”

It will be nice when you get 3D, you can put in some Bard’s Tale type elements.

I still have a cassette tape of “The Hobbit” for CBM64 lying around … recoding that in Codea would be … awesome.

Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold.