What are the differences between Codea and Codea scratchpad?

Hi, I’ve noticed that there is these two platforms.
But didn’t found no where a comparison between them.
Please advise if you know the differences.
What should I download and work with?

@nahumbb Codea scratchpad is a smaller version of Codea just to let you see some of what Codea can do. I don’t think there’s a comparison list between the two of them. Codea is a great app if you want to do programming on the iPad. It doesn’t teach you programming, but if you know a little programming it’s not too bad. You’ll be able to do a lot once as you learn more.

Forum search, first result for scratchpad lists the differences:


@dave1707 @yojimbo2000 Thank you for your reply.

Given that scratchpad is no longer free, I would go for the full version.