works in chrome and safari on ios8 :smiley:

what does this mean to codea?


@darkflow - If you mean with the popup web viewer, that currently uses a UIWebView instead of a WKWebView. You could talk to @Simeon to see if he can change it. It’s not hard to fix.

It mean that, we could run a Codea project inside a browser, if the runtime is ported to WebGL, and also write apps from Codea and deploy to other plateforms that support WebGL. I’ve begin a project in this way some months ago (targeted on the 1.5 open runtime), but it’s lot of work and I run out of time. If someone is interested to join the trip… welcome aboard !

@toffer what langage do you use to port codea to web?

@Jmv38 - Javascript, to be exact CoffeeScript. The idea is to reflect Codea’s api, do the rendering stuff in WebGL and use a Lua to Javascript transpiler to run Codea’s code.

@toffer - I’d be interested about it, and I might pitch in occasionally. So you’re only using WebGL for displaying content, and using JavaScript (or CoffeeScript, in your case) to do things like physics and such?

You write your code in JavaScript for the browser. The only relevance of WebGL is that it gives you an openGL style access to the graphics similar to the Codea APIs (but a bit more complex as you are closer to the “metal”. So it let’s you write shaders (with almost identical code to Codea shaders) and build up meshes etc.

But the rest of it is just your application and that’s JavaScript rather than lua. So it comes down to write it with what you like, I don’t think it changes anything for Codea, and I’m not sure I can see the benefits of using it rather than what’s already in place.

@Zoyt - I think physics stuff will rely on one of the Box2D Javascript port.

@spacemonkey - You’re right, there is no benefits of using it rather than what’s already in place. From my point of view, I’ve start this because :

  • I love Codea’s api
  • It’s a good way to learn WebGL
  • It would be fun to have a Codea ‘web player’, nop ?
  • I am mad, maybe ;p

@toffer mmm… i confirm your 4rth point. Lol.