Wasn't Minecraft originally written in Lua?

I saw it claimed somewhere that Minecraft was originally written in Lua. Did Mojang ever share that original source code? Would it run in Codea?

No doubt CodeaCraft will kick its butt totally, but it would be fun to play with in the meantime. :slight_smile:

I believe it was always in Java. Maybe the most early pre-alpha drafts were in Lua? At any rate, I don’t think Microsoft will be eager to hand over code of any proportions :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, but if it was released under the right license Msoft wouldn’t have any say in the matter.

I think you’ll find that Minecraft was originally written in Java using the LWJGL library. The pocket version and console and now the desktop versions we’re all ported to C++.

If you really want to see the source, see if you can find an original (or earlier) build and decompile the class files (plenty of Java class decompilers available online) - although they might be heavily obfuscated (i.e. messed up to make reading the source almost impossible)