Virtual Mac for Xcode export

I remember reading a thread about how to use Xcode in a PC so that you don’t have to buy a Mac to prepare your project for the App Store, but I can’t find that thread. Does anyone know if there is a practical and legal way of achieving this?

.@inanceyuce i am VERY interested in the method you want to use. Could your report about your success or failure in this post? If you succeed i’ll follow your tracks! I would relly like to publish an app, but i relly dont want to be Banana milking cow more than needed…

That’s totally cool. How’s the speed? (and yes, IANAL, but presumably this is legal if you are doing it on mac hardware you bought then installed windows on, and are installing OS X under virtualbox - ie. it’s hardware you could legally run OS X on to begin with…)

It should be noted that according to the license agreement, “buy a mac” (or obtain one) is a pre-requisite for legally running OS X, and then only on that Apple hardware. A “Hackintosh” is a license violation.

I also speed on the freeway at times.

Argh Bortels! You’ve just un-made my day! :wink:

Get a mac! Your basic mini is 600 bucks, likely less than you paid for the ipad (certainly less than I paid for mine).

The Virtualbox version will be slow - it doesn’t have hardware accelerated graphics, and the OS X desktop depends on the heavily. But - it should work for XCode if you’re very patient. On a mini, should be nice and speedy.

I agree, a mini is well worth it. That’s what I have. @Bortels, in VB, Mac OS X Mountain Lion runs well… Bt that’s virtualized in a 16GB of ram Mac…

As long as I understand xcoding on PC is a quite complicated process and even if you achieve implementing it, you may not be able to get a developers license from Apple because you need to declare which machine you are using for your app. All of this seems like a lot of work and risky business. Best solution seems to be buying a second hand mac mini as cheap as possible or borrowing from a friend maybe…

That was me. One thread that can help you achieve this is here:
If that doesn’t work, or you want something else, just google “VirtualBox Mac OS X”.
Good luck!