Very hard to find syntax errors in big programs

I’ve got programs with lots of files and with large files (an auto generated bitmap font). In both cases, it’s difficult to find syntax errors. When I run a script, nothing appears to happen and I have to search file by file, line by line for an error marker.

Could you make it easier to find errors somehow?

Yes please!

(Sorry for the totally contentless post, but this would be so useful that I hope you’ll forgive me for posting.)

@Nat - Yes there’s a bug at the moment that clears the errors as soon as you switch tabs. The plan is to have tabs which contain errors actually highlight in red, and retain their errors until you actually start editing code again.

Do you mean the error is cleared when the code where the error is is edited, or when any code in the tab is edited? I’d prefer the first case. (Also, you could reset the errors when one tries to run the project.)

Highlighting which tabs contain errors is useful but it’s still hard to find the errors in the code when it is many screenfuls long. What about a way to navigate between errors? Maybe added to the navigation button? Or replacing it while the app has syntax errors?

brab: any code in the tab. At least initially.

Nat: good point, will think about this.