Using physics bodies in 3d?

To what degree do Codea’s physic bodies work in 3d? Is it even worth trying to apply them, or am I better of using the vertices to find collisions on my own?

@jrohanian The physics engine works on 2D objects. You could probably still use it for 3D, but it won’t be accurate. So I would say doing it yourself might be better but a lot more complicated.

codea physics is 2d. Full stop. You cant use it to manage real 3d collisions. Unless your objects are moving on a 2d plane, like a chess board.

@Jmv38 @dave1707 thanks, thats what I figured, just wanted to check before I used a lot of time doing it all manually.

If it’s 2.5D though, it can look really good. So the z coordinate is fixed, and the x and y cord, and the z angle are taken from the physics body. If the objects are reasonably symmetrical, you can use the angle of the object to set the x or y rotation (as well as the z rotation), it’s actually pretty convincing.

@yojimbo2000 i’ll have to try that