Using new update for fun!!!

Plz tell me what u think about it

Why is this in Members Only room?

@Sajjad that’s very cool. Strange, but cool :slight_smile:

@bee Didn’t notice that, moved to Code Sharing. @Sajjad Members Only means that only people who are signed-in can see your thread, use Code Sharing or Examples for sharing your work.

It’s hypnotic… !

Really neat

Currently I’m programming a sniper game. I have the crosshairs in an alpha state (usable but need to be reworked). I also need to fix an error with sounds not playing for me(why???) as well as program a background and targets.

One other person had that sound issue and had to restart his iPad (or re-install the app, I can’t remember).

Ah, I’ve been meaning to ask about sounds as they don’t play for me, either. I hope it isn’t a matter of re-installing, though.