Using MOAI with Codea

Is anyone using MOAI with Codea on the forums? I just started doing this a few weeks ago.

I’ve posted one of my challenges on my Codea blog about integrating the leaderboard functionality with Codea at

Are there interests in other issues or posts related to their service? As I’m investigating what capabilities the service has, I’d be glad to poke around and post my findings.

I’ve written about this earlier on the forum

Nice! I looked at what you wrote…it looks like you are integrating the runtime for local instances into MOAI, right?

I’m looking at using the MOAI cloud services to supplement Codea, that’s where the majority of my efforts are.

Yes, exactly. Have tested some Codea code on Android, but just as a proof of concept. But it worked quite good. There are some similarities between the systems.

Ah, seems to exist some different Lua server side solutions. Haven’t looked at the differencies. Can you run the MOAI cloud on your own server?

I believe that you can run a MOAI cloud on your own servers. In my cacse, I don’t want to; let someone else manage all that!

tnlogy - I too am very interested in translating my Codea code to MOAI for cross-platform purposes. You have a great start with the CodeaMoaiRuntime. Thank you. Are we free to use and build on what you have created thus far for our free and or commercial apps?

Yes, use it in any way you like. :slight_smile:

Of course I would be happy if you released your improvements on the runtime, if you like to.