urgent: you think Codea has issues with Apple's approval?

iMame is in the iOS app store NOW - FREE. It’s half-life can probably be measured in minutes - drop what you’re doing and download it NOW.


And it’s gone now.

Thanks for the warning. I snagged it before it vanished.


I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I expected it to be gone next morning…

Don’t forget about the return of iDOS aka Aemula Oldies for iPhone and iPad.

I have the Original iDOS and although Aemula is Dumbed down a lot it is still being Hacked. Theres a good thread on it in Toucharcade forums. I can’t do without iDOS. I code C64 Programs with it and transfer back and forth to my real commodore, play DOS games, QBasic, compile code, and it also supports coremidi. One of the best apps on my iPad.

I got almost every emulator for the iPad released in the app store including iMAME and IMO they make me enjoy my iPad more. Too bad apple are control freaks and want to tell us what to do with our devices, but I like others are known to FIGHT THE POWER! :slight_smile: Long live any app that helps you learn and create.

I am also one of the fortunate who grabbed iDOS the only day it was out.

I expect this new one to disappear soon as well.

The one thing I’m still trying to make work is trumpet winsock for DOS (in that I can’t even FIND it online anymore). Total stunt, but I wanna do network code in QBasic. :slight_smile:

All I want is Monkey Island 3 running on iPad.

I had it on my iphone at one time, jailbroken, using SCUMMVM.

I loved that game, but it was underwhelming. The iphone screen was teensy, and the graphics were… Let me put it this way - I love retro stuff that isn’t really retro. I have fond memories of certain things (Combat and Adventure on the Atari 2600, some Atari and DOS games, Ultima III, lots of arcade games)… and when I get them now (iMAME again), they’re… clunky and old? Sigh. or maybe I’m clunky and old, but Monkey Island emulated with SCUMMVM wasn’t as pretty as I remember.

The ‘remixed’ ones are graphically much nicer… but on the PC, at least, the control scheme really annoyed me, and that’s made me not look recently. I downloaded a demo of one of them on the ipad; pretty, it didn’t hold my interest, and I LOVED the original ones.

I like Bard’s Tale. If I was very motivated, I’d like to make anything where one could make there own levels. I really like the example of the car racing game where you can make your own levels.

When I saw the post on TUAW about that which I checked minutes after it was pulled, I had a cringe @Bortels got it. He owns iDOS too. Funny. I would love to have the owner of Cydia overwhelm apple by sending them all the apps for approval at once. We might get a few good ones. But apple would block the sender’s account. After all, iMame was straight from Cydia.

Thanks for the tip, I grabbed it too! :slight_smile:

Here’s the silly part - I’m jailbroken. I have DOSBOX (the jailbreak version of iDOS) and iMAME (the jailbreak version) on my ipad as well. No idea why - I am completely mad.

I jailbroke for 2 reasons - iMAME (which I now can avoid jailbreaking for) - and rsync/ssh access so I can backup/install Codea Documents. Yes - you read it right - I jailbreak because Apple makes me do it. If they simply let me put the files I want on my own device - I’d be stock. (Piracy? I just bought like 5 awesome games, the most expensive was 3 bucks. Piracy has no point when things are reasonably priced, and frankly there’s a ton of stuff in the app store that’s beyond reasonable - it’s downright cheap. Gonna go buy that Louis CK video later too…)

They’ll come to their senses someday, I just hope it’s not too late.

I don’t jabreak. I do my best to do hardcore hacking (which I’m not very good at). I still want to figure out how to uncompressed and alter an ISPW file. I hack IPA files all the time. Use to use FileSystem to browse my system files until iOS 5 came out. Those of you on iOS 4, check it out. It’s awsome.

I would rather not jailbreak, frankly - its a pain. I wish I had a choice not to, but without jailbreaking I can’t use my iPad as I want to. The control apple exerts punishes only legitimate users - fact is, I can ssh in right now and write code, with sockets, even run a server, because I jail broke. I would rather reach an accommodation where I can accomplish my goals without having to break apples drm - but apple has to come halfway on that. Fact is - physical posession trumps all security (eventually). Apple can either open up enough - or be opened up.

I absurdly agree with you @Bortels. I’m almost borderline on jailbreaking. I’m curiouser if apple hates all other languages than the ones they use. They don’t even allow coding apps on the Mac app store! X(

The ps3 fiasco is informative - it came with an “other os” option, so that people could home brew experiment with most features - but high end graphics were restricted, to preserve their market. Sound familiar? Then people started poking that, because nobody likes to be told “no, you can’t use your hardware the way you want, because of our business model”, and Sony killed “other os” - so the hackers owned the whole system. Ps3 had very very little piracy - because the home brew guys had an outlet, until “other os” was taken away. Now they’re cracked - you can pirate ps3 stuff, if you care.

I can pirate iPad apps, as a direct result of apple forcing people to jailbreak to run their own code. The policy was, in the end, counterproductive. Two reasons I don’t, despite being jailbroken - I’m honest, and more importantly, no need. Piracy on the iPad is very low NOT because of drm, but because apps are easily available for reasonable prices.

Also worth noting - a “shadow app store” exists in Cydia. Home brew shared freely is a threat to neither of them.