Uploading code from ipad to github

I’ve just created a github account, but i don’t know how to upload code from the ipad. Anyone can help?

Hi @jmv38, Rui Viana made a GitHub client, maybe that is what you were after?

Maybe (don’t know what a ‘client’ is exactly). Can you give me a keywork with which the discussion would pop up from vanillia search? (cant find this discussion). Or a link? Thanks.

it doesn’t work if you are on iOS6 becaused you can’t break the (Codea) sandbox.

I usually email myself the project and then do it on my Mac. Should be theoretically possible to just copy and paste the code on the iPad.

Hi. @Acilino: i have 5.2 so it should be ok. Any link?

@Reefwing thanks for the suggestion. I’ve succeded to create a gist git://gist.github.com/3963106.git
By copy/paste, but i cant find how to create new files in my repo from ipad/safari. For now, the gists will be enough. But i still have a problem: the public clone adress given by github is not a valid adress? Do you know how to get a simple link to this gist? Thanks

.@Jmv38 - I use the url shown in the address bar. e.g. for my latest gist the url is: https://gist.github.com/3887282

Seams to work! Thanks for your help @ReefWing. Btw, I’ve read some of your tutos (not all of them, you did so much) and i see you’ve made many apps, and also you are quite good at transferring codea games into app on the appstore. Have you ever considered teaming with people who would love to put an app in the appstore, from a codea program, but don’t want to go through the Apple’s hassle process? A kind of joined venture, with a 50-50 on the profits? Just a hypothetical question :wink: ?

.@Jmv38 Good to hear that you got it working.

I have done one app where I provided the code and another fellow provided the IP, splitting the profits 50:50. It works ok but distributing the profits is a pain in the neck.

Each month the money comes from Apple to the person with the developer account (i.e. me) and then I have to work out how much of that months profit came from the JV app (this has to be done manually due to the opaque reports from Apple and all the different currencies and tax treatments). I then need to get the other person to invoice me (taking into account any refunds that may have happened in previous months) and then I transfer the money. Each quarter we do a Business Activity Statement for the tax folks and I have to account for the GST on apps sold in Australia, splitting this adds a layer of complexity and doing this with someone in another country would further obscure things.

So… unless there was a lot of money in it, it isn’t worth the effort. I am however very happy to assist other folks with getting their apps submitted and approved. The tutes on this may look a bit intimidating (and long) but the process is more tedious than difficult.

Thanks very much for your answer. Although I feel a bit (hypothetically ) disppointed, i recognize here your style: accurate, argumented, informative, sensible.

Hi @Jmv38, apologies for delay. I found the link, and I agree Vanilla search isn’t that good. I found it searching on Rui’s username, @ruilov: