Upload my code?

How can I upload my code?
I have to use/create a user with some kind of server?

A lot of people are using http://posterous.com and using the “Share by Email” feature (touch and hold your project name). I believe posterous lets you email your stuff to a particular email address and it hosts it at .posterous.com, so you can share it.

Thank you Simeon.
Your app is unbelievable amazing.
It got me into programming, and now Im learning Lua language and I’m messing with some code from the code sharing :-"

The good thing about posterous.com is it supports post from email, so you could export/upload your code to posterous directly from Codea on your iPad. No PC/Mac is necessary. You could post the screenshot via email too. The import from posterous.com is very easy, just tap the .codea file on the site and it will be imported to Codea as new project. Nice. :slight_smile:

This is what I came out with after messing with invader’


@rasec I enjoyed that, thanks!

I love the space sprite.

:smiley: This Lua Languague can get really difficult at times.