Updating code from your computer

I’ve experimented a bit with using my laptop to write Codea code, and then just a small Codea app to download the code from a web server. Quite nice to play around with.


That’s a good way to start. I use python -m SimpleHTTPServer for quick file access to files on my desktop from my iPad.

I hope we’ll get easy in-Codea project access functions in the near future.

I’ve found out that it’s really convenient when trying out Codea code with the Codea Runtime on the iPhone. Then I can just save the lua-file in Sublime on my mac, and the iPhone shows the result. :slight_smile:

Are you doing this under iOS6?

Yes. It’s nice when you’re confused over the different screen resolution and want to see the result directly when you scale the scene and similar on an iPhone.

I’ve noticed though that supportedOrientations doesn’t work on the Codea Runtime.

Hi tnlogy, I’ve taken the liberty to present your Remote Code as an example code for the iPad to connect to my own file server in the renewed loveCodea. I think we’re at the edge of having more or less accurate development environments for Codea on the desktop and the possibility of bringing code into the iPad without all this copy-and-paste hassle.

Sounds really nice!

Is loveCodea available online somewhere, or work in progress?