Update talk

This is a page to talk about what you want to see in the next update.

One thing I wish to see is submission to app/google play/amizon store.

Impossible. Also, the next update is almost finalized and they have a feature lockdown.

@code_maker - there is no point doing this now, the next version is close to release, and it will be a while before new features are considered

wont apple reject the next codea update if they put export to google play and amazon

You can’t build (compile?) the app on an iPad, export directly to appstores from Codea is simply not possible.

Well, I guess you right! It will get regected

Yhea, an iPad can’t compile and run hundres upon thousands of lines of code, put it at max FPS, debug and all of that magical stuff.

It probably could work, but a runtime for Android, etc. would need to be written. I mean we can take the newest xcode Codea runtime and insert our Lua code and assets without needing to export from Codea, and the game will run fine. So no reason that an Android runtime couldn’t be written and work the same way.

A lot of work though, and Android uses a different language I believe.

The main problem here is that @Simeon simply doesn’t have the time to focus on a port to android. He has said himself that, once he’d release the open source of the runtime (IF he feels like releasing it), it could be written by anyone who feels like doing so

But Simeon’s to busy updating codea for iOS, which I love :slight_smile:

It’s best to just have Codea on iOS, the TLL team only consists of 3 people and at that they can keep updates coming. Writing a runtime for android would much more than double that workload meaning you wouldn’t see a Codea update or the android runtime for a long time anyway.

Yeah, it would be nice to have, but it would be too much work to ask of the Codea team. I’m happy with being able to publish to iOS. Android publishing adds a lot of problems, because there are so many different device sizes. I don’t think just using WIDTH and HEIGHT to make everything universal works for android, way more trouble than it’s worth.

Yeah, your right.

Desperate for external code editing solution that is usable. Whilst the aircode feature seems nice it really doesn’t allow for any extensive organisation of code or using advanced search replace, off-line editing and much more. I also find it problematic to use and constantly crashing codea. Xcodea is great but unfortunately it died with the last version update and whilst the gitHub page includes a quick and dirty fix there is no compiled version of it and I cannot get the app to build so I can no longer use xcodea. A message to the developer has yielded no response. Please @Simeon can you consider absorbing that solution in to Codea to provide a useful external editing solution using real editors? Am losing interest in finishing my projects now because to me it has become too difficult to work efficiently with Codea. :frowning:

Why not just type the code in Codea? :confused:

Or use a source code management solution, like Codea-SCM. You can edit projects offline and then pull your edits in to Codea.

@Crumble The whole point about this exercise is to bypass the myriad of limitations in editing directly in Codea. I can type and edit code many times faster, make backups, version changes… Basically use a computer for what its better at. App developers use real code editors. (Of course if your comment was tounge in cheek plz ignore the above)

@yojimbo2000. Xcodea was fast, simple and local to my computer. Somewhere between aircode and your suggestion. Thanks for idea though

CodeaSCM can be set up to run locally, as @juce also open sourced the server side. Shouldn’t be too hard to set up, seeing as you’re a “real app developer” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: