Unwritten Rules

I’ve seen way to many people these past weeks asking for code, so I’m going to help them out here by giving them some rules that aren’t official, but most of us here follow.

  1. Be polite - I know if someone is talking about your code not working, or its going about things the wrong way, but they are just trying to help you learn and make your code more stable, because one day down the road, its going to come back and bite you.

  2. Don’t ask for code in public - I know some people will disagree with this, but I think we would find it better if P.M. someone for the code, don’t go back to a dead thread asking for code.

  3. Be light-headed with your request - You have my full support if you want someone to make a small example for something your having trouble on, for example You want to know how to make a button that way you can learn how to make one yourself. That is a good request but don’t go around for pure amusement, or wanting to get away with out coding, by asking people to make a giant piece of your game.

  4. Don’t just post your code asking us to fix it - I’ve seen tons of people just post their code, hoping we can fix. I know some of you here like @dave1707 Can find problems in code like this, but some of the others can’t. Please try to find where you think your code might be broken.

    • No swearing. Ever. - I’ve seen some post where post swear, not to anyone, but to their code. NEVER SWEAR. We try to be as family friendly as possible, and we have some few youngsters here, so please, restrain from those nasty words.
    • Credits to SkyTheCoder Always give credit. I know this might sound unprofessional and stupid to some of you, but large companies use this. You might not see the how this helps anyone, but it does. Lets say were on the Codea Forums asking for help with somthing, if you ever publish your game. Young inspiring programmers might want to figure out who made somthing in it, or figure out how to contact them for help in their own game. Even if its something small like a button, or as big as an entire scene, , give credit

That’s all, if you disagree with any of things, or want to suggest a new one, say something! :slight_smile:

I compeletely agree with you Prynok, you’ve put that into words nicely :slight_smile:

@stevon8ter Thanks!

@Prynok, Couldn’t have been worded better. Now lets see if it works…



I would also add, as number 6, always give credit to code you’ve used.

@SkyTheCoder +1 @Prynok +1

I really don’t like rules. I use common sense. Ask what you want, give what you can, and respect the other person.

@dave1707 - Many people do, but on the other hand, many people don’t have any.

@dave They aren’t rules you have to follow 100 percent, they are just here to help new people understand the “norm” here.

@Prynok Unfortunatly a lot of the newbies don’t read anything before they post and ask for code. Too bad the forum didn’t have a disclaimer page that the newbies have to read thru and accept before they can post anything. The disclaimer word tell them to put 3 tildes before and after their code, a list of rules, etc.

@dave1707 Would be nice, though TLL is still doing a great job on the forums as it is :wink:

@dave1707 - It is possible to put banners in the sidebar or above the page that happens on certain events, like when you get a new user. Simeon could make a banner that requests the user to read a rules page.

@Zoyt I’m sure no matter what is done, people won’t pay any attention to it. Just like when Apple changes a policy, they ask you to read 50+ pages of new policies and ask you to agree or disagree with it. Even if you tried to read it, it wouldn’t make and sense. You just scroll down to the bottom and check “I Agree” and continue on. I just hope there isn’t anything in there that says they can have my house, car, and everything else I have.

@dave1707 They better not have that in their policies…

I agree, though, that nobody would read it, and we would be stuck with spam-like threads of newbies asking where to start, how to format code, examples, etc.

I’m getting tired of all the questions… (The questions that have answers in the FAQ that nobody reads [I read it…])

@SkyTheCoder +1 I read the FAQ too :). The thing about Apple and other companies making giant 50+ pages of rules and stuff, is not really for the person to “read” it, its to make sure in the court of laws, they could say: "You agreed to things rules, and yet you abandoned them.)

Our secret has been revealed, apple knows we won’t read 75 pages of ‘Terms and Conditions’! Of course all big corporations do this, it ensures they’ve got a leg to stand on and you don’t if ever there is a problem! If you put up a message that’s only 4 lines maybe, brief and appealing to read then I’m sure some people will bother reading it…

I hate to bump this, but thus, the circumstances of new users demands needed this to be bumped