Unable to rename class [ANSWERED]

There appears to be a bug that’s preventing me from renaming my class. I was wondering how to rename a class, and indeed it was as simple as holding the class tab, which opens up the nice rename dialog (nice ;-)). But once I enter the new name, pressing the “done” key and pressing the “done” button have no effect. The page remains grayed out and when you click in the code editor, the dialog is removed but the name hasn’t changed.

That’s very odd, I can’t recreate that behaviour here. Does it always happen? Do you have the steps necessary to reproduce?

Note that renaming a tab only renames the tab - not the class definition in the code.

Seems intermittent. I can rename some classes but not others. Created a “worldBlock” class and wanted to rename to “WorldBlock”…no can do. But I can rename “wordBlock” to “HurBlock”…so maybe something about what letter it starts from? Strange because I can rename “Symbols” to “Actors” just fine. Not a big deal, just kind of wierd. Easy enough to work around for now.

Ah I imagine it is disallowing a rename to the same name with different case – worldBlock → WorldBlock, as you mention.

The reason it does this is because it stores each tab as a file on the filesystem, and the iOS filly system is not case sensitive.

Gotcha. Thanks for the answer. Easy enough to work around. Still loving Codify/Codea.