UIKit Animations in Codea

In Objective-C UIKit, if I want to animate say a rectangle moving to another location to the screen, I can do animations that just specifies the destination coordinate and the time I want to take.

In Codea, I know that I’d have to animate this myself by moving the rectangle slowly in the draw() function. But is there anyway that I can use built in UIKit animations? I want to take advantage of the more advanced animation that is available (like page turning animation, etc). I know this is a long shot, but I’m wondering if this is possible at all.

The next version of Codea (1.5) will ship with a great tween library. This behaves similarly to UIKit animations except there will be more available animation curves and easy spline path based animation.

@Simeon sounds awesome. This is the library that you use in CargoBot, right? Looking forward to it.

After playing a lot of LetterPress over Christmas I realise animations are little things that makes games much more pleasing to the gamers.

.@esuatyo it’s been modified a lot since Cargo-Bot and is more tied into Codea (the animation update loop runs automatically).