Two little bugs

Holding down the backspace key until it starts to delete code in chunks causes the cursor to jump to the end of the file and continue deleting from there. Almost caused a heart attack when it first happened!

Also, pasting my code from Codea to a forum message (to myself) caused it to strip everything after the <= in my playout(b) function. I tried it again with just that one function to verify that length was not the issue. It pastes into the message box correctly, but just drops everything after it. (see here for the code: )

Not sure about the second one, but the first is a known issue and as far as I know will be fixed in the next update. :slight_smile:

@SciQuest thanks for reporting the second one. I suspect it might be the forums being stupid with what it thinks are HTML tags. I’ll keep this one in mind for next time I change the forums.

Split keyboard breaks code scrolling, apparently.

Also, a coworker of mine emailed you @Simeon. Its not immediately pressing (prefer response by Friday), but I thought you would prefer the heads-up.

Sometimes (Ive noticed it most after using the += button and while near the end of a file) some keywords (like end) will not be syntax highlighted. Adding or removing lines around them results in redundant phantom characters, or duplicate lines after a point (only one of which has syntax highlighting).

This is always accompanied by a line that does not have a corresponding line number (line numbers are always sequential, but at the end of the file I can see an extra line, it disappears when trying to delete some other line). Deleting this line (which does not change the line number) fixes the problem. The problem persists through reloading Codea.

It may also be related to the speed of my typing, as Ive never noticed it while typing at a relaxed pace.

Also, image:set() has itself as a related topic on the reference material, not image:get().

Furthermore, the examples and the syntax on that page disagree (colons vs periods).