twitch app opener (example of openURL)

this code opens twitch using its url

-- twitch app opener
-- by codea forum user kirorp

function setup()
             print("this opens twitch")

Sorry for ruining your dream of making the best twitch opener but… What’s the point of this?

I have to agree with @G_nex although it actually has a purpose, that purpose is very small doesn’t really need Codea’s help to perform this action

@G_nex, @Doge It’s ment to demonstrate the capabilities of openURL. I only used twitch as a example

That makes more sense @kirorp

@Doge I probebly should have put ‘example of openURL to avoid confusion’ :confused:

@kirorp Oh, you wanted to show what other purposes openURL has. Opening other apps is a nice thing to have but personally I can’t imagine a situation where I would use it. I recently saw Zoyt’s discussion and I see you’ve seen it as well. Anyway, a professional twitch opener would be good for people who can’t find their twitch app but I don’t think it would sell that well :expressionless:

@G_nex I created this for someone new to the forum and hasn’t seen it. They may not be a good coder, hell, look at me, so this makes it slightly easier for new people to know what codea can be capable of doing. Also, even if I had a mac and dev account selling ‘twitch opener’ would likely make me sound like desperate person looking for money for nothing. If you know what I mean. Selling it with, say, a dozen other openers and other features could make it a good free utilitie and to make some money back have ads or a iap to remove the ads.

@kirorp But to open an app you need it installed, so what would be the point of an app opener? It would just be like the home screen.

Yes I see no use selling it on its own but what if there’s a api so you can open a app and have it do something specific.@SkyTheCoder also if you can’t find a app you can use spotlight search.