touched() help! New to this, help!

Yea so I just got Codea and I went trough the examples, and then I wanted to try make a project of my own.

But I got stuck right at the start where I wanted some multitouch functionality, and I cannot find a explination on this (kinda)…

My main problem is that there seems to be some variables called ENDED and such, but to be fair; ENDED is the only one I know of.
So my question is, wich other types of similar variables are they?

To be more clear; if I got this:
function touched(touch)
then I want to know wich types of
there is.

NEVERMIND!! I found my answer on a tutorial thingy…

So as I recall there are 3 modes: BEGAN, MOVING, & ENDED.
Please correct me if I am wrong, otherwise you can just ignore this

@akaJag: there is also BEGAN, MOVING, and CANCELLED. When in doubt, press the icon on the onscreen keyboard that looks like an eye, and look through the documentation. In general TLL has been really good about documenting everything.

EDIT: heh, crosspost; looks like you already found your answer :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways! I appriciate the help!!
But anyways how does the CANCELLED come up? How do you cancel a touch?

@akaJag: CANCELLED is rare, it usually happens when the OS cancels a touch (for example, if iOS detects a system-wide gesture).

Ahh! I see!
But on most apps you wont need to implement such functionallity, at least what I think.