touch typing | 10 finger

Hey guys,
I’ve struggled lately when I was searching for a good touch typing tutor software on the internet. It was also nearly impossible to find something that teaches german keyboard layout as well. So I sat down and started prototyping my own app. This is what I came up with until now.

For now, this is a proof of concept (and tutorial images are just placeholders) but I’d like to expand on this and share later on. If you have usefull advices, please, don’t hold back!

PS. This app was done in about 100 lines of code. I love Lua! =}

This is very cool and cool looking. Too bad there’s no way to automatically detect the localization.

That is awesome. Would love a customizable keyboard class :slight_smile:

Looks excellent, very Apple-like! And in only about 100 lines of code! =D>

@Briarfox I have a customisable keyboard class, it’s in “Library UI” on CC.

@Andrew_Stacey Thank you.

@Andrew_Stacey thanks! I’ll look into this too, as I have to experiment, how to implement my keyboard preview.

I have updated a few things. Polished the app a little more and improved significantly speed and code. Now the keyboard isn’t a placeholder anymore. It shows the current pressed key and next key to press. You can now swipe through lessons or hit ‘return’ to retake the present lesson. American (US) and German (DE) keyboard layouts have been added!

I will need some beta testers, soon. If anyone is interested - pm me in advance. I plan to use ‘TestFlight’ for this.