Touch bug on iPad Pro 10.5 2017?[SOLVED]

Hello everyone! I just started with Codea, and I think I have a bug with my new iPad Pro 10.5 2017…
I’m trying to do sprite buttons, but there some glitch with “touch”. I’m building pixel game and have set upped scale(2,2) in my Main(but it doesn’t matter). When I look at my touch.x and touch.y they are half wrong from the left side of the screen and normal in the right. It doubles on the left side of the screen in Landscape mode(didn’t tryed it in Portrait).

So I can push my buttons normal when I make the a half touch.x/2, but on the right side they are normal…

Is it a bug? Can someone else test it? Just check touch.x with print(touch.x)

@Compozitor Depending on some settings, something can be displayed on the screen using the lower left corner of the object, or using the center of the object. Can you post a small example of code that shows your problem.

PS. I have an iPad Air and an iPad Pro 12.9” and I’m not having any problems with touch points.

Thanks for the comment, I think it’s my problem with code… :frowning: and maybe Corner for the sprite! I will check it, thanks!