Totally Off Topic: PvZ is free in app store right now.

Hey. This is 100% off topic - I apologize. But this is also the largest accumulation of iOS friends I have, and I wanted to share.

I’m a big gamer. Always have been. The first and foremost reason I love Codea so much is I want to make games on the iPad.

One of my favorites, Plants vs. Zombies, is the free app of the week in the app store, both for iPhone and iPad. If you don’t have it - get it.

I got no skin in this game - I don’t work for PopCap, don’t own the vast majority of their games - but PvZ is one of my top 10 games I’ve ever played, ever, of all time, on any platform. And it’s ideal for a touch screen. If you have played it on the PC, but passed on iOS - get it now. Again - free. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Let it inspire you for your Codea coding. :slight_smile:

– Tom

thanks for that

Thats why I coded zombies vs torrets xD

Thank you @Bortels i’ve dwnld pvz and played the first levels: very pleasant indeed!