As many of you may have heard, A new Call of Duty came out on November 5th, and it boasts a new Engine as opposed to the previous decade old engine. I was wondering, Is it still written in C++ or a new language?

first. I need to know where you found that BLACK OPS source was developed in C ++ language. because you cheated, they use more advanced ??languages for that??.. seeketh more information about it

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and second, they will say that they changed the engine, but in reality is, BO programmers constantly exchange, improve and implement new forms of interfaces, graphics. may change from programming language, but I think Treyarch company would not say such information

I looked through the PC files for Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode( Best game Mode ever, except for Tranzit and Die Rise) and i thought I saw C++ code for weapon buying

This is Infinity Ward’s new engine though, not Treyarch

wow, sorry that I speak 3 languages ??and bothers me a few words @NatTheCoder :-q


Sorry, Could you make that slightly clearer, I didn’t quite catch that

I correct. Black Ops(ghost) is developed by Infinity Ward, and distributed by Activision.

you’re right @CodeaNoob

Found this Exerpt from an Post:
The main language for the gaming industry nowadays is C++.
People use C++ because it’s a low level language and because of that it’s faster (nobody wants a slow laggy game)

Link: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110828165746AACBZ0N

C++ has been used for game development for nearly 15 years on a increasingly large scale, its not a nice language to get to grips with though… Anyway it always used to bug me about call of duty, every game since the 4th has the same engine in it, just different maps and different gun models. I think they’d have made more doing less games but more improvements and spicing things up with different engines for physics and even graphics. Grand theft auto 4 was quite revolutionary as far as games went because it used the endorphin engine this was the first engine which had realistic weight distributions for rag dolls that I personally had come across, now you look at the new grand theft auto and the physics engine is different and the graphics engine, just about most things…

Also, the new Engine IW made look exact same, borrowing elements that FC3 had in it.

Yeah I noticed that, it would make sense though, you don’t want to end up creating a battlefield type engine and losing your title, because call of duty’s engine was always different from medal of honour and battlefield. It feels more like a game whereas battlefield tries to make it very realistic which is good but I can’t play it, I’m not that good you see :wink:


I honestly prefered BO2 Over ghosts MP, but the ghosts campaign is better, and Extinction and Zombies are tied for me

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@Luismi I have no idea where you are getting your info, but most AAA games nowadays will use C++ on the engine level. Languages like Lua nowadays are far too slow and far too limited in their scope to allow a proper engine.

Many techniques in engine programming NEED a lot of control that higher level interpreted languages don’t tend to offer - for example, manual memory management, and pointers. Using C++ as opposed to say, Java, allows much more control and the ability to fine-tune exactly what your code does to squeeze out a little more performance, which is insanely important when you are doing stuff 60 times every second.

On top of that, implementations of C++ are just… well, faster, even ignoring the fine tuning capability. It’s been around for much longer and the compilers are much more sophisticated than more modern languages, and just the fact it’s compiled means it can get performance where Lua cannot. Interpreted languages will always be slower than compiled, whether you like it or not.

Perhaps the gameplay logic is in a scripting enviroment, but the base engine? No way. It’ll be in C, or more likely C++, I’m betting.

@Causeless is right, the popular language is C++, although other languages are sometimes used.
Source: Intensive Research!

@CodeaNoob - C++ is not even close to a scripting language.