Can you guy’s recreate my game for IOS

Java Code: http://www.brackeen.com/javagamebook/ch18src.zip

Java Game: http://www.brackeen.com/javagamebook/tilegame.jnlp

Is made in java by the way :smiley:

This is a good project for YOU to do. No one here is just going to code games for you, bro.

Sorey I’m bad at lua :-((

I’m will do game pixel art for your game’s if you want :smiley:

My Game Name: MonsterBoy In Lost Time

Level and art link: http://opengameart.org/sites/default/files/monsterboy_assets.png

No is jess the art for now :-((

Next week?

Any video?

Any Youtube video of the Java game to see it here?

Sorry i can not…

Can you do it the download is on the first post. [-O<

You’re pointing to some 10 years old Java code by David Brackeen. You show us some game art by Carl Olsson. You’re bad at Lua.

I have to ask: “What is your function in this forum?”

(Like Vinnie Jones asked “What is your function in life?” in Survive Style 5+, but I might get slapped by Simeon for this impoliteness.)

Ok I will not publish my code X(

And the game art is for public demos X(

If Connorbot999 didn’t actually write this code and is passing it off as his own, while still asking for people to port it to Codea for him, I think you have every right to call him out for it. I’m somewhat disappointed to be honest. I always assumed Connorbot999 was well meaning but had difficulties with English which caused a lot of misunderstandings.