To randomize a level or not?

I doubt that I will ever submit an app to the app store but I certainly enjoy writing code in Codea and seeing the immediate results on screen. The tutorials and example code that are included and posted here are a great learning experience. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

I have completed a very basic (though totally unoptimized) menu system for a generic type game. You know the drill, splash screens, credits, options, and worlds/levels selection. This has been a great learning experience for myself. I’ll be glad to post the mess if anyone is interested.

I was working on a simple side scroller (AKA Mario style) type game and put it on hold for various reasons but found an excellent example by juaxix called Sprint Animal (thank you for sharing BTW). Editing the code for educational purposes, I thought it was a good start to an app called Fly With Me where you keep tapping the screen in order to keep the character aloft. I dubbed this possible new game Flap 'n Fly where the character has to stay airborne and not touch the ground, the top of the screen, and avoid obstacles in the flight path.

That said, I was just curious what you folk think is a better idea. Should a level be randomized concerning backgrounds, obstacles, available goods and bads, or do you think a level should be the same every time you try it as is the game I am wanting make a similar style of?

As I said earlier, it may never see the light of day but at least I may impress my girlfriend :slight_smile: .

Thanks to those who may reply.

I have seen games that use randomized levels effectively. They can make games infinitely replayable. Look at all the endless running games in the app store like Jetpack Joyride that create random levels on the fly.

I think that when you do randomized levels, you need to be very astute with the creation logic to make sure that the levels are always playable and look good. It requires thinking through the obstacles carefully to make sure that impossible situations aren’t created. It is often much easier to create levels by hand than to try and create a good random level generator.

I prefer to play random levels as I’m less likely to get bored.
Also I prefer to design a random revels as I’m more like a mathematician/scientist mind than an artist soul. It’s easier for me to use an algorithm that draws a tree than to draw it by hand. That might be also the reason I prefer the random levels in the first place :wink:

However keep in mind that it’s just a subjective opinion you asked for :wink:

Thanks for the comments. Very good information to mull over.

I will try to develop both ways and perhaps combine the two for learning experience.