Tip for copying/pasting code

As a newbie myself, I enjoy and learn when people post code on the forum or other websites. Sometimes the code doesn’t run and I scratch my head and wonder why. I have found many times that email in the iPad only downloads a certain amount of code (if the code is long) and leaves a button to completely download the rest of the code at the bottom of the email. Many of you know this already but for those who may not know, it may be a good habit to scroll to the bottom of the emailed code to make certain.

Another tip along the same lines. Several examples are posted on websites as *.codea files. Most of the time they don’t come up as full files in my default program of choice. Another thread suggested using the free Notepad++ as a coding environment but it works great for opening such files. A few modifications have to be made to the *.codea files but they are quite obvious.

I know this is old news to most of the old salties here but hopefully as new users come aboard they may find this useful.



Thanks Keebo,

As a new to Codea and IOS development, hobbyist, I appreciate any tips someone shares.


I think a good tip is to NOT copy and paste at all on your iPad - it is too dangerous and inconvenient. Select a bunch of code to copy and then accidentally bump the keyboard and press a few keys, and there is a good chance your code no longer exists. (I know about the UNDO on the number pad, but it is quite unreliable, especially if you hit more than one key.)

Until there is A) a better method of selecting text, i.e. the proposed keyboard enhancement and B) multi-level undo (please , please!) I will be doing all of my copying and pasting and generally any kind of code reuse on notepad++.

(BTW, sorry to be whining a bit, Codea is awesome, I just want to see it get even better!)

notepad++ is that available in appstore ?

You can find it here: