Tiny Bullet hell starter kit

Hello everyone,

I’ve lately worked hard to give my bullet hell like shmup a steady FPS even in presence of several bullets and enemy ships,
I think I made some significant progresses and I thought I had to share most of its code that you can find here below ( or well, just look at the referenced pastebin url if any interested in the source code )

Here it is :

function setup()
        function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,
        function(e) print(e) end

As it was mainly grabbed out of my personal project I did not want to wipe all local images referenced in the code, but result should be fine either way with no mesh textures.
Other parts are messy and I’m sorry for that; I think this might ( if little refactored) be a valid alternative to the built in BIT INVADER sample for those interested developing something under this forgotten genre.

Hope you like it.

ps. I have to credit @Luatee who I borrowed the explosion class from ( even if he’s not yet aware of it :slight_smile: )
and @toadkick for the brilliant mesh rect recycle functions I have made massively use of.

Nice, I’m a big fan of bullet hell! Runs very smooth on the iPad Air (sometimes the fps goes over 60 though, not sure why that is). Is it possible to die in the game, btw? One thing, when I pasted into project from the pastebin, I had 2 identical --#Players tabs, and an empty --# Explosions tab

@deactive no problem, everything I share is free to use but credits are always nice so thank you :)>- I like it, there’s so much going on but I’m not sure what the objective is, blow up as many as possible? Or is it a staged game that gets harder?

@yojimbo2000 thanks for trying it. Have no clue why it runs beyond 60fps, I happened to notice it too, maybe my code is running far too efficiently? nahh… jusk kidding :slight_smile: Emtpy tab are fault of mine instead, I’ll update the pastebin code as soon as I’ll be on my ipad. Thanks for reporting that

@Luatee what I posted is far to be considered a complete game. You keep shooting and that’s it. I’ve included the most typical features a shmup requires, lots of bullets, grazing bullets, earning gems from kills and so on. My actual aim was to have a decent game pace with a reasonable amount of foes anbd bullets going on the screen. Thanks again

ok, never mind. Good luck for your game!

This is excellent!

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@deactive that is a really great demo. Thank you for sharing. Even with the plain rect graphics it conveys the right feeling.

@Simeon, I’m very happy to read that, thank you! :smiley:

nice job @deactive. Do you intend to share images too?

Hey @Jmv, very kind of you. I’ll share them privately if you don’t mind, Im planning to publish the main project I grabbed this demo from. I wouldn’t like to spoil my game right now :slight_smile: