This has me flat bezoggled

Here’s my code:

kind = "circle"
shape.kind = kind
print( "kind:", kind, shape.kind )

That is the code exactly. It’s inside of other functions and if-thens, but those three lines are together, exactly like that.

Here’s the output:

kind:    circle   nil

What the what???

I suspect, “shape” ist not defined.

kind = "circle"
shape = {kind = kind}
print("kind:", kind, shape.kind)

It actually is defined, sorry I didn’t include that. It’s a circle created with physics.body.

Hello @UberGoober. The value returned by physics.body() is not a Lua table, but a userdata.

myBody = physics.body(...)
myBody["kind"] = someValue -- Does nothing

Hello @ubergober. If you want to add data to a physics object shape, use the info field that way: ={} = kind

I believe version 1.5 will allow you to use physics bodies as tables for custom data (@john will correct me if I’m wrong).

Thank you guys. That’s really, really helpful!