Things that would really help the newbie

Im completely new to Lua and codea, so I thought I would jot down some ideas on how to make this app easier for us guys. If the is useful, great. If not, sorry.

  1. press for info. There are lots of things here us c coders are completely unfamiliar wrh. I can find them by pressing the “eye” button in the keyboard. But what would be really helpful would be if I could press on the function and one of the choices were “definition” or “structure” or"examples" or something. For example, popmatrix(). I should be able to press and hold the command and have the description and an example come up. Think about how you can get a word definition in iBooks.

  2. search and replace. Us newbies make a lot of mistakes. Search and replace would be nice. For example if I create an I age in the example program (forgot the name) it makes an image function for me. But if I want to make another image, then I have to replace all the hundreds of lines that have the standard image name. Tht pretty much makes it so that I can’t use it for making an image for my program

  3. more examples. Even the wiki is missing data for many subjects. Things that are not well explained are images and how they are different from sprites, and how to use incorporate them into a program.

  4. many coders like myself maybe coming from an embedded world where there is no object oriented programming, but would like to make things that work on the iPad. This is an excellent avenue for that, but there needs to be more description of how to use objects. I can see how if you are coming from objective c, or java this is probably a pretty smooth transition. But for me, and I have scoured forums, wiki, and tutorials, I need a kernigan and Ritchie for Lua. Where is that?

I’m sure I’ll have more later as I do more with this.

It’s here:

New programmers need a Learn Python/Ruby/C/.etc the Hard way for Lua: but it doesnt exist.

 but it doesnt exist.

It does:

btw @gebloom the comma at the end of your ‘hard way’ link is causing it to break.

Fantastic! Thanks for that information. (Wonder why he didn’t link up with Zed Shaw, who’s having authors create versions of his Python book in other languages. Shaw made a a lightweight framework in Lua – Tir – so I know he’s a fan.)

I fixed my link. Thanks for that tip, also.

This doesn’t addresses Lua pre se, but it an interesting breif comment on objects

Read the comments as well

Even the wiki is missing data for many subjects.

The wiki’s gone a bit quiet recently - it needs updating. I’ve been having too much fun with actually coding (I don’t know what others’ excuses are).