Things that should be added into Codea

Here is a list of things I have compiled of new features for Codea. I’ve only been working with Codea for about a year, so this will be the first big update I’ve been through. Here’s my list:

  • .gif files, sprite() can only work with .png files for now, but that makes animation so difficult, it would be great to have some animation
  • alert() function has more options, it should be able to have more than just one button
  • Bluetooth support, socket has been proven to not be reliable, it would be a lot of help for Bluetooth for pvp games
  • access to the Photo Library some apps would be awesome if the user can select some of their own photos for extra functionality
  • Network Add network connections from device to device for multi-player (idea from @fuzzyTew)
    This is a super small list, I guess i was just too lazy to add anything else. This is meant for people to add on to. Please give suggestions.


Those are pretty good, small requests that we might be able to expose.

The gif one is probably trickiest, because the most simple way to expose it (e.g., sprite("Documents:SomeGif", x, y) would require that we keep internal state of where the animation is up to, so repeated calls to render the same sprite actually renders different images.

@Simeon Honestly, looking at Codea right now, I’d say your a genius, this shouldn’t be the biggest obstacle for you.

I am actually working on a gif encoder/decoder myself… but I don’t have much time right now, so I can’t tell any release date.

I was disappointed to learn there is no good way to make realtime multi-user experiences in Codea. It would be great if there were some API, high or low level, to allow to send network data between peers. I read elsewhere low-level sockets were difficult due to the code running out of a draw callback. One solution could be an additional network-ready callback. Alternatively a higher level API might allow communication only with other Codea instances.

@Simeon @John I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but I’d like to be able to put projects in separate folders, kind of like how you can store documents in different folders in Pages. This would be especially useful with the Codea Craft update, to keep all the 3d projects together.

@Simeon is working on a new project browser that will allow users to create and manage their own collections. I’m not sure on what the eta is but this is essentially what you are asking for.

@John Oh, cool! Can’t wait for that to be rolled out.