The Reference Library - Quick Insert...

Firstly, it took me ages to find, (I had to look at the pictures in the appstore to see how to get to it).

So suggestions:

  1. Would be to make it available via a button (top right?).

  2. It would be handy to have this open as a panel above the code, so you can work on your code as well as view reference. I have a bluetooth KB, so there is heaps of space, and even without the space I think it could be an option.

  3. Maybe clicking on any function example in the reference will add it into your code where the cursor is at?

  4. When you start to write code you can click on one of the predefined functions, however it only insert the function name, no brackets etc. so if I start to type sprite, I should be able to click on sprite, and have it insert sprite(), with the cursor inserted between the 2 brackets ready for me to add parameters, having to “.?123 → (” is just painful…

simple changes, that would make things a LOT easier, at least for starters.


For number 4 you can tap the parentheses button on top of the keyboard — this will add the “()” with the cursor placed in between them. If you have a selection it will wrap your selection in parentheses.

Otherwise good suggestions about help — I’d like to rewrite the help system at some point.

Number 3 is on it’s way in 1.4.

It would be good keep people in mind who have external KB’s, and wont be using the KB on screen with the extra options. :slight_smile:

thinking about it - yeah, if I type “spr” then touch the “sprite” tab - I can’t imagine a situation where I’d not follow up with hitting “()”. it might be nice if “spr” then the sprite tab finished it, with (), and put your cursor inside the parens.

@ozcreations it sounded like you were talking about the on-screen keyboard, as you mentioned the “.?123” key.

@Bortels I have worked with editors like that, and believe me, you will get into situations where that is massively annoying. I like the current solution with the “()” key better, and with an external keyboard I just type ()<- (the last being cursor left), which is like one keypress to me :wink:

@Simeon Here’s a suggestion… How about, once you’ve autocompleted a method name, you then show a quickreference for the method in the autocomplete area? Just the method names and the names of the parameters in order. I find one of the things I have to delve into the help for most is looking up the order of parameters.

Yes, I agree with@frosty, that would be handy. If you have whittled the autocomplete suggestions down to one candidate, you may as well show its arguments in that spot.

I often forget the parameter ordering as well for some less-used functions. I’ll have to think about how to implement it, using the autocomplete area might be a good idea.