The Frist 3D Game

I’ve been working on a game called SuperCraft. At Frist I was making 3D but then people told me to start out with 2D so i was going to make it 2D but then I continue with the 3D version and I got some help on the way and also i use Ignatz website to learn some 3D stuff. SuperCraft might be done by this month if it hints v1.0 it will be the Frist 3D game made in Codea :smiley:

no it won’t

Nah it’s ok. I don’t care what you say. But I’m not sure if it will be becuz somome else might release one befor me

I think you will find there have been a few already :wink: However, we all wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Well no not a fully 3D game but there has been

There have been 2D games, 3D games, and 2.5D games…I don’t think you’ll find yours is the first…

Can you send me a link to one of the fully functional 3D games on Codea

@TeamSuperCraft There have been a lot of them, but off the top of my head, there’s Buggyz, a fully functional 3D slot racing game that I believe might go on the App Store at some point.

It doesn’t matter who is first, it’s not a competition. We’re here to have fun.

@Ignatz I know but mine is not the frist but I don’t care

As @Ignatz says its all about learning and exploring with this fantastic tool and trying to help people along the way as a community.

Thanks the mention @SkyTheCoder - I shall publish an update to Buggyz soon. Hopefully i’ll get it finished before the summer (other projects have got in the way, but its coming on quite nicely!) - keep following the devblog/twitter in the meantime for updates!

“First”, not “Frist”

XD sorry

@andymac3d oh well that seems nice I actually been teaching one of my friends some 3D hes a fast learner XD

@TeamSuperCraft you can’t teach someone something you’re still learning, all you can do is relay knowledge. I’d suggest both of you learn together as 3D is very complex, it’s not something you’ll do in a month or two, or even a year. You’ll gain knowledge but not enough to make games as you see them.

My advice is take it slowly, don’t rush your game. If there is room for improvement then improve it, you won’t know just how much you can do until you learn about it.

@Luatee One word. Quarternions…

@Toxyn If you think you understand Quaternions, you don’t understand Quaternions.

@Luatee I’m teaching him what I know about 3D witch is not a lot

@SkyTheCoder I don’t think anyone understands quarternions. Not even a quarternions could understand itself…

LoopSpace does