The Dungeon roller game on lua

How to make two worlds???
It’s a door he walks through and it’s new enemy’s and loot…
Plz!!! Help…

I didn’t really understand how you want to change ‘worlds’ but here’s what I think.You can use something like a sensor(if its physics bodies) or just position if its normal drawings.
If your using physics then if contact.state begins with that specific sensor then you can change the scene from world 1 to world 2. If its normal drawings like ellipses then if the position.x and position.y of the body is in a particular range then the scene changes from world 1, world 2. Though its better to contact function whil using physics bodies i prefer using the second method as I usually mess up in the contact function and codea crashes, but that’s not the case always.
Hope that helped. EDIT I didn’t read properly, since there no physics maybe you could use the second method