The Codea Holiday Cook Off


The Holiday Cook Off will be a one week contest, starting on Christmas Day and ending on New Year’s, that invites Codea users to generate an original app. A word or phrase providing a theme for the contest will be announced at the beginning of the coding period.


  1. the app must be written and executed completely on the iPad (no linking to code on websites, or use of code written on another device).

  2. you may use pre-existing libraries of Codea (such as on-screen controller libraries, shaders) but should avoid building your code on an existing project.

  3. you may use your own artwork, art resources that are included with Codea, or public domain artwork. For any artwork not your own, your project must include attribution of the source.

  4. You may work as individuals, or cooperate in teams as large as you like.

  5. All code must be made available at a publicly accessible site prior to the end of the contest. This does not mean you are surrendering any rights. Neither myself, the contest, or anyone else are claiming any rights to your app. You just have to show your work – and let other developers ohh and ahh over your compact, elegant, and extremely clever code.

  6. This message will be revised to note additional rules… when I think of them.


Scoring will be done on this basis

40% for Funjoybuzziness

Think of it as an index of compelling. Sure, you might chose to do a game about something terribly deep and depressing, or even a non-game app that doesn’t come with candy-colored rewards. So plain old “fun” might not be appropriate. Instead this factor measures “how much do I want to keep doing this” or “how much do I want to see what comes next.” In other words: how sticky is your project?

20% for Sharpitudiness

An overall measure of the “just how did they manage to do that in such a short time” factor. How finished and professional is your project? How much does it look like you started this thing last June and just happened to nail the theme in advance, and speaking of that…

20% for using the #$!# theme appropriately

Can you sketch some spider-web thin line between that Galaga clone you were already thinking of and any theme I pull out of the metaphorical hat? I’m sure you can. But this 20% is reserved for showing that you really thought the theme through, put your own spin on it, and made it part of the project.

10% for Ahcoolitude

The Omigodhowdtheydothat factor. The slick use of shading, above and beyond meshes, extraordinary cleverness of every sort that shows off good use of the platform.

10% for Reportage

The… uh, I don’t think there’s a snarky way to say this. I want you to talk about your project while the contest is in progress. Announce your participation. Tell us what your idea is, give us screen shots from work in progress, snippets of nifty code, flashes of insight, fits of depressing set backs, glimpses of artwork. Show us that three steps forward, two steps back, four steps hair pulling, one moment of triumph. 10% of your final grade comes from taking the time to show everyone how things are working out and how your idea is taking shape.

But wait… things could still change. Less than 24 hours to go before the theme is announced.

THEME – Fall

The 2013 Codea Holiday Cook Off super secret theme world is… FALL.

It’s a word that can have many implications. Falling down a well, falling in love, the season between summer and winter… FALL. It’s the word for the week. Make good use of it in your project and maximize your points.

I’ve stuck it. I’ll reverse it after the competition.


@Simeon - Can you sticky this please? I think it might get a few more competitors.

sounds awesome!!

@Goatboy76 Yep, prizes. I’m putting $100 into the pool. Right now I’m thinking $50 for first, $20 for second, $10 for third, and another $20 for a special award for most innovative. How things will be scored… still working on that (and hoping a celebrity panel of judges will save me the trouble).

@Mark, can’t wait!

Not that there needs to be any but, prizes? Maybe the prize could be a bitt of prestige with a status tag that says that you won the 2013 Codea Cook Off SMACKDOWN!

I have a nagging suspicion that the theme is related to cooking…

@Prynok - Ideas are part of the whole thing.

@Mark Do you think you could give us the theme now? That way we can plan out the game we want to make, and not just think of an idea on Christmas?

Cool! Will the theme be announced here (or will there be one)?
Also, (I don’t think I will need to, but I might as well ask) the first rule eliminates PHP (or whatever server-side) scripts, correct?

@Zoyt. Yep to both points. This is where I will post the theme, and no use of server-side scripting.

@Mark cool! I’m in if I get the chance :slight_smile:

@Zoyt has added to the prize pool by providing codes good for a free copy of his game, StackIt. So now everyone finishing in the top ten will receive cash and / or prizes.

The start time is drawing near and the list of theme words has been compiled. In just two days, I’ll tell you how you can help make the theme selection.

@Mark yayyyy :slight_smile:

On my dad’s Apple ID we redeemed StackIt and I have it on my dad’s iPad. I wanted to rate it but I couldn’t. I got a new iPad and my own Apple ID, and I bought StackIt. Now I can rate it and plan to, but this means I wouldn’t be able to use a StackIt code.

Either I could give the code to a friend, or just not get the code. I’m fine with either way.
(If I won a StackIt code, I mean.)

Can you not rate apps redeemed with a code?

@JakAttak No, Apple does this to make sure you don’t give someone a free code to your paid app so they’ll give you a good rating.

You can set the app for free one day and then make all your friends download it that day and give ratings, then turn again to paid :smiley:
You can’t do this in other markets so easily

@juaxix - My app will be free for a day when v1.1 comes out. (Thanks AppGratis!)