thanks for Codea. what can I do next

thanks for Codea, my first app almost finished. it can work well in Codea now.

I export the project to Xcode. at first the build always failed as it cannot download codea library well.
later it did , then build successfully. the simulator is opened. and I can run it in simulator, even there are 5 purple “!”

the app hv 4 pages. the first 3 pages can work well but page 4 cannot . mp3 should be played and texts about mp3 should be shown due to time in page4.

actually I have many small mp3 files in codea / documents folder. totally about 200mb.
I found the project exported by codea is only 5mb. then mp3 files and txt files in documents folder are all missing.

then what can I do next ? how to get my mp3 and txt files ?
are there some Tutorials or explanation to learn Xcode building for codea ? I searched here, sorry that did not find useful notes.


Solved …just now.

When we export proj in codea, about material ,there is a auto button which is on.
I close it and choose by hand.

After exported, i got 140mb zip. Open in Mac, itis a 245mb proj.

By the way, whe export prob, the name should be in english.

For your ref above.

It is running in my se well now.

One more thing to ask is , iphone can auto close screen after some time. Then my playing music is stopped. What to set in codea and stop this?

@totorofat Impressive that you got it to work on an iPhone! (An SE, if I am not mistaken)
Codea doesn’t have the ability to continue music playing when the iOS screen closes. If you want an app like that, you’re better off using the interface builder and Apple’s built-in functions.

@em2 thanks for ur reply. So you mean that i need to open the proj in xcode and write codes in xcode ? Right ? God …as coding in xcode is not easy to learn but codea is much better. So i come to codea … …

Just a question, I hope you don’t mind…

Do you truly want your music to keep playing when the screen goes off?

Personally, I hate it when apps do that. You might want to ask other people’s opinions too.

You may not have to learn any Swift or Objective-C after all.

  1. Codea can’t play music when being not in App.
  2. @UberGoober You could click pause…