Text suggestions

I wasn’t sure where we left off with default text to screen and I think it was discussed before the tracker.

Three related sugesstion for community/TwoLivesLeft discussion


The print() box seems one line too long which makes the last line of printed text hide behind the Back/Pause/Play/Reset buttons


The ability to print() or draw text on the screen

text(x,y,h) x,y screen coordinate (starting at lower left?), h height

[please update with final command structure]


displaymode(BigDraw) - default mode with small print box and large draw box

displaymode(BigPrint) - print box is displayed in main window (unadjusted, letter will be big), draw box is displayed where print box is normally

The default print box (when it’s small) will need bottom clipped to it make square as it would be in the main box [or just center the print box when it is large]

Thanks for logging those issues. I had some thoughts similar to yours.

  1. The output area needs a bit of an overhaul. I always find it looks a bit messy at the moment.

  2. text(“string”, x, y) will likely be the text API. With potentially a textSize(n) setting for the size.

  3. BigPrint is kind of interesting, I assume for doing text-based apps?