Template for step by step projects - your input please!

I’ve updated my Asteroids tutorial using this template

@West - do you want me to put it on the wiki step by step page?

or do you want to do it (anyone can edit it)?

@Ignatz I’ve already done it

@Ignatz - your cosmic tutorial example uses custom sprites for your final step, but I don’t think you have provided them.

In your sliding puzzle tutorial the balls become frozen in the later steps when they stop moving. I also experienced a couple of strange bumps in the physics though couldn’t tie it down to anything specific

I’ll check those issues, out, thanks

The pinball images have a link to a zipfile in the first code tab, I think

By the way, I think we should arrange the projects in some sort of order, perhaps roughly from easiest to hardest, rather than just in the order we added them. Perhaps let’s do that when we have a few more.