Syncing Dropbox through code

I have been using codea for a while and I think it’s the most versatile programming environment on the iPad, but I feel that it’s missing one small thing. it has no simple networking framework other than the HTTP system. One idea I had to get around this is to use Dropbox as a server, saving and loading files to and from a Dropbox account that is shared between devices. But to get it to work you have to exit the project and manually sync Dropbox to get the most recent version of the file stored there. I think that there should be a function available that allows you to sync Dropbox through the project’s code. If this function was available one could set up a simple improved networking system for instant messaging or even multiplayer games.

There are now Sockets in Codea which allow you to do multiplayer games much more efficiently. However, you can sync Dropbox using HTTP requests, you aren’t restricted to the “sync” button in the app.

Where should I look for the reference for sockets

@Archimedes Sockets aren’t documented in Codea, but if you do a Google search for LuaSocket you can find some official documentation for them. There’s also some example programs for Codea over here:

Thanks so much
Sockets were something that I thought codea didn’t use but it’s good to know they are at my disposal

Does codea already contain the LuaSocket library or would I need to add it

It has LuaSocket built in, you just need to say socket = require("socket")

Ok thank you so much