syncing between devices?

hello all,

first time posting, but been loving codea for a while now.
but just have a question/suggestion regarding syncing projects, or at least copying projects to say, dropbox, or icloud, or box. but generally to keep projects in a specialised folder that i can access online.

i know that dropbox is used for images/sprites, which is nice. but a full dropbox usage would be good to store projects. even to export for use in xcode.
i am currently using 2 padis with codea on both, but would like some form of a storage so i/we can shift between devices, or id more think of it as being a safer option of saving. if its in a cloud based service, and anyone has a padi spat, then at least they would still have the project saved.

anyhow, im more than sure that this has been looked at before. but just wanted to express my need.
even if push comes to shove, how about ‘copy to pasteboard’?


lewis lepton

One thing that I have been able to use in the past to do this is the http request function. It is not the most eloquent solution, but if you use some kind of server as the go between such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you can have your program send a Post request to the server and then store the data. Then, the data could sync with other devices by using a HTTP Get request for the data that you posted from your other device. One drawback to this is that you may have to familiarize yourself with the Oauth system for getting into the server to begin with, or create your own code that does this through something like Google Apps script (if you would be willing to work a little with Javascript). There are also a lot of resources that other Codea users have made which can do similar things, and get you past the servers authentication step (Oauth). After you get the data, you could read it into your project with the loadstring function or save it with saveProjectTab. While there isn’t necessarily a built in facility to do entire project syncing (that I am aware of), one could be created that could simulate the syncing effect. Also, if you use something like this, you could both sync data with your devices as well as see it online. I am not sure if this is entirely what you were looking for, but I hope it helps in some way!

cool, thanks for that. helped a lot.

one thing i was thinking was even the simple ‘file sharing’ in tunesi. that would help quite a lot in itself.

but thanks for the help, ill have a look at it

@smokingbunny Have a look at the link below. It’s a program I wrote that will backup the projects you select to the Dropbox folder on your device. You can then sync with Dropbox on your PC and then from there to Dropbox to your other devices. Once sync’d with your other device, you can restore the selected project on that device. I’m not sure if the “add new project” in Codea has been fixed yet, I haven’t tried it on the new release, but you could always just copy and paste it into a new project though if it wasn’t fixed.

oooh, groovy. ill have a look, i ended up copying my files to my ftp, though still had to use file sharing to start off.
but this will help a ton, a ton i tell you :wink:

Well, one of your requests is in. You can copy/paste data with pasteboard, pasteboard.copy, pasteboard.text, and pasteboard.image.

@smokingbunny If you try to use the backup program at the link above, you have to make the change below if you’re using Codea 2.0 . For Codea 2.0, spritepack was changed to assetpack.