Support for in app purchase framework in Codea Runtime Library

Closing to releasing my app, I want to experiment how my app will perform if I have in app purchase in my app instead of pricing it as $0.99. I noticed that lately over the past year or so, the top grossing chart has been flodded by free apps that has in app purchases. So I’m wondering if I can do this.

Hi @esusatyo - it can be done but you will need to make modifications to the Codea runtime.

My tutorials on integrating Game Center (, making a Universal App ( and using iAds ( will point you in the right direction.

Hey @Reefwing, I’ve just had time to look at them today. I think it may not be too hard. Your Game Centre tutorial seems to be close to what I will be doing for in app purchase.

But things like this, native Cocoa frameworks, they won’t get built into Lua will they? I suppose it’s better to keep Lua clean from these.

.@esusatyo - It is tricky to build some of these particular frameworks into Lua given their tight connection with your developer account and even if you did I cant think how you would test them without Xcode. A lot of folks that use Codea dont have an Apple account yet, so I doubt that the boys of TLL will head down this track.

Having said that @Simeon did mention that they were looking at some sort of Xcode export function, so if you do need these frameworks it will be simpler to get your Lua code into Xcode.