• autocomplete for user variables/functions (within current class and from other classes)

• autocomplete tips/help for function args

• ability to set font size

• alter built-in select to select entire line by default (or maybe triple-tap for this?)

• double-tap (or some other way ) to just set cursor inside a yellow highlighted element (sometimes I just want to type a number).

• popup a numeric keypad when number values are tapped (from another poster’s idea)

• tap-and-hold yellow highlighted element to select

• more quick buttons (maybe a 2nd toolbar, or a tap-and-hold toolbar for less used items). some ideas:

  • comment/uncomment current line (or selected lines)

  • autoformat/indent

  • etc.

• function folding (maybe tap black arrow to left of line # to fold/unfold)

• pressing enter (or space) after typing end unindents the end one level

• tabs at the top are a bit tiny :wink:

• tap-and-hold tabs to drag/rearrange

On the numbers, why not add 0…9 as a new row of keys? It’d make the keyboard bigger, but you could add 0…9, ±*/, maybe [] and {} too. That’s all very useful stuff!

Also, video recordings of these apps seems very popular (and will remain so if apple say no to sharing!) If you’re rendering the app’s output into a framebuffer (highly likely as it’s opengl), change that to a texture buffer. You now have an additional step to render that texture for screen presentation, but you can pass that texture directly to the video encoder in iOS 5 - meaning in-app video recording with very little performance hit.

I’ll just add here instead of a new topic - I find the little left and right arrow keys very handy, how about expanding it to up and down keys too - arrow keys don’t need to be in the traditional inverted T shape, the spectrum managed fine with 5,6,7,8 being L,D,U,R or alternatively in the sinclair joystick format L,R,D,U,

I know, I know I should fire up the bluetooth (where I assume the arrow keys work?) but having arrows available on the soft keyboard would be brill