Suggestion for screen capture

Just playing with an old project, think it’s one of Ignatz’s, and it runs with viewer.mode set at FULLSCREEN. Unfortunately the project has buttons on the bottom of the screen which overlap the Codea option buttons for quit capture screen etc. The obvious thing is to change the mode (go to OVERLAY) or mod the code to avoid it. When the dialogue fires up to allow/disallow screen capture it made me think …
Can you read what the pad owner has specified for screen capture for the Codea app ?

If so you could just pop up a dialogue that says ‘You have asked for screen capture - do you wish to record or ignore ‘(in buttons).

If the owner has not allowed screen capture for the app in the OS, then you could prompt them to do so (modify the flag and capture the image) or to ignore the dialogue and close it.

I just find the current dialogue a little ambiguous.