Dodge the metal baddies to keep from going slower.
Gather the colorful yummies to fly faster.



This looks great, @Ipda41001. Just tried it and the controls feel very good, I like the flapping wings effect.

very nice - my girls will like it (it’s got “cute factor”)

I know it’s a good game if my finger hurts at the end because I am pushing too hard. :slight_smile:

And it’s always exciting to see good use of the in-app sprites.

Ooh - but as I type this, the screen of my PC seems to be sliding down diagonally :slight_smile:


I did make a slight change. In this version when you go beyond max speed, it loops back around to the start speed but with an extra baddie.

It is important that when you come across a new cute effect to go ahead and make a cute game. My center of gravity is explosions and zombies so it took some effort not to create a pixie flyswatter game :slight_smile:

What fun @Ipda41001! – the dragonfly wings are a delight – thanks!