strange effects with FULLSCREEN and backingMode(RETAINED) on new iPad

I just got a new iPad (hurrah!), and I’m finding an odd graphics issue with a drawing program I’ve written. All is fine when it’s set to displayMode(STANDARD), but when set to displayMode(FULLSCREEN), the circles are drawn to the screen at the point of touch and immediately fly off the left edge. Trippy, and a somewhat cool effect…just not what I want to see.

I’m also using backingMode(RETAINED). Folks here previously suggested that I instead write the graphics to an image, and redraw the image to the screen each frame, but I was never able to get that working with the same fluidity as I get using the Retained method. So I’m hoping there’s a solution that lets me keep using this.

The full drawing program has more options and features, but I’ve isolated the bare essentials to demonstrate the issue here. Changing the commented-out line to switch between FULLSCREEN and STANDARD demonstrates the difference (on the new iPad only – both work fine on my old iPad 1).

Any ideas for me? Is there something else I was supposed to adjust when switching to the new iPad?

function setup()
   -- displayMode(STANDARD)


function draw()
   if (CurrentTouch.state==BEGAN or CurrentTouch.state==MOVING) then
      ellipse(CurrentTouch.x, CurrentTouch.y, 100)

This gets so many people.
Put the displayMode before the function setup()
It might fix your problem, or not, but it does cause other issues if it is in setup()


Also, not sure about where backingMode goes.

seems to be backingmode retained just works landscape on new ipad atm

I tried moving displayMode(FULLSCREEN) to the first line (before setup()) but it’s still not working. (I also tried moving backingMode out there, but that didn’t help either.)

And I’m seeing this in both landscape and portrait.

I think this behavior is a codea problem, seems like some buffer sizes are not correctly adjusted for retina mode or something…

Quick update, in case it’s helpful to the developers:

I installed the 1.4 update (amazing, wonderful update, thank you!!) and there was no change to this graphics issue.

I tried to take a video using the in-app video tool, to show the graphics issue I’m having. Interestingly, the graphics issue does not happen while I’m taking a video. The circles are drawn to the screen normally. However, once I stop recording, as soon as I choose to save or discard the video, the drawn items go away and any new drawing still suffers from the “flies off the left edge” problem.

Unfortunately retained backing seems to be broken on the retina iPad. Video will work as it drops back to non-retina resolution for recording. I will look into this and file a bug with Apple if necessary.

Heh…my justification for buying the new iPad was to generate better images with my Codea graphics app. Thanks for looking into it, Simeon. And I appreciate the explanation of video … I took screenshots during video and was disappointed at the resolution; now I understand why it was lower.

HURRAH!! It’s working now, with iOS 6.
I’m VERY happy I can use backingMode(RETAINED) with FULLSCREEN once again, on my iPad 3.

Yes iOS 6 finally fixes this bug, glad it’s all working again!